Our Mission

Provide a complete service enabling any person with knowledge of a particular subject to impart that knowledge to others who could be to within a limited organization or anyone on the planet.  The knowledge could come from any part of the world or from within an unexpected group: in any case, we use the internet and our technology to link together the teacher and the student to enable learning.

Main Objectives

  • Reduce costs of training.
  • Allow individuals to go at their own pace.
  • Provide a home for MOOC’s.
  • Create a location for cooperation.
  • Allow both open and private courses.
  • Assist with adaptation and creation of content.
  • Give support to students and teachers.
  • Activate courses, making them dynamic for users on both ends.
  • Innovate and advance the technology.
  • Contribute to open source projects.

Our Experience

Innovación abierta - 14 años
Administración Pública - 13 años
Empresas privadas - 13 años
Universidades - 12 años
Grandes servicios online - 8 años
MOOC y SPOC - 5 años

Team Leadership

We are a team of professionals who have known each other for quite some time.  When our children began school, we recognized that something needed to be done to improve the art of knowledge transmission.  Surely, modern technology can provide them a better vehicle for learning and training than what we used more than three decades ago! We put together our knowledge, experience and passion, and the Difundi was born.

Client Satisfaction

Difundi works because we work with clients who we feel proud to assist in adapting and creating content, all the while building and improving the technology of our platform as well as our production methods. We can store existing content and activate the existing  students into a community of interactive users, and thus develop with the client a new and improved strategy for their internal training.

Ministerio de Defensa de España

Years in the business

Successful Projects

Satisfied clients

Users of our tehnology

Sepcialization and services

The only one in the world to provide courses in various languages, having support for accessible video with transcription and subtitles. We are contributors to the open source project Open edX, which makes up our technological base.


One of the true advantages of online courses is that you can mine the usage data to measure the effectiveness of the course as well as the progress of individual students.  Within the data we can identify problem areas and fix them, something for more difficult to assess in a traditional learning environment.  We provide you with control panels to look at your course usage data, or if you prefer, let us do it for you!


Would your organization like to have it’s own site for your courses?  No problem! Adapting to your corporate identity, you can have private access at yourcompany.difundi.com. The courses will be private, just for your employees, clients, etc, OR open to the public. You decide!


Do you have a course that needs adaptation for our platform? Or are you interested in creating a course from zero? We can help you with everything from selecting content materials on your topic to loading the finished course onto the platform. Your time is money, don’t waste it!.


Are you ready to share your courses with the world?  We offer a place to broadcast your course to an audience as large as the World Wide Web.  All you have to do is tell us what your course is about and we will place it in its category within our catalogue of courses.  Furthermore, you retain the ability to monetize your course and generate income.  


Why work with us?

3 años en el mercado

It doesn’t seem very long, does it? But, we have been involved since the commercialization of MOOC courses first began, and that makes us pioneers in the industry. Yes, we have been innovating, evolving and definitely learning who best to provide services and make maximum use of the best technology in this industry.

Atención a los detalles

Excellence is found in our attention to detail: the students, teacher, promotors, educational institution or other organization behind the course, as well as the technology itself and the user’s interface. We admit that we sometimes make mistakes from which we learn and improve.  Details are important, and it’s because of attention to details that one is selected from amongst the competition.

Decenas de clientes felices

Our obsession is satisfaction of the clients, the organizers, the teachers and the students. This is why they keep coming back to us, to work together, hand in hand, because they are simply content, and this is the achievement we are most proud of.

Datos para tomar decisiones

Our technology collects students’ usage data and presents this information to the teacher in a useful manner such that a teacher may make changes and improvements to the course without need to wait for the next edition. We provide assistance with the data analysis for ongoing improvement, as this data is powerful in the right hands.

Soporte 24h

We offer a tireless support line focussed on careful, accurate attention to the clients, organizers, teachers and students.  We work on Central European Time and Pacific USA time, such that we cover 24 hours a day.


We are passionate about what we do, and you will see it from the moment you start working with our team. We believe that training is undergoing revolutionary transformation, and we are participating in something historic, and contributing our grain of sand.