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The only one in the world to provide courses in various languages, having support for accessible video with transcription and subtitles. We are contributors to the open source project Open edX, which makes up our technological base.


One of the true advantages of online courses is that you can mine the usage data to measure the effectiveness of the course as well as the progress of individual students.  Within the data we can identify problem areas and fix them, something for more difficult to assess in a traditional learning environment.  We provide you with control panels to look at your course usage data, or if you prefer, let us do it for you!


Would your organization like to have it’s own site for your courses?  No problem! Adapting to your corporate identity, you can have private access at yourcompany.difundi.com. The courses will be private, just for your employees, clients, etc, OR open to the public. You decide!


Do you have a course that needs adaptation for our platform? Or are you interested in creating a course from zero? We can help you with everything from selecting content materials on your topic to loading the finished course onto the platform. Your time is money, don’t waste it!.


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Plataforma MOOC en la nube

If you have the ability to grab an open source platform, install it and make it work for you, or pay for an annual license, then we probably aren’t the team for you…  Except… Is this really your line of business?  Wouldn’t it be easier and better to simply pay for a service that already works?  We are your platform for courses on the cloud.

Soporte especializado

Our team has been involved with MOOC courses from the beginning.  We will help you avoid the commonly-committed errors, and instead provide you with the recipe for successful courses.  We save you time and effort, and therefor money, improving your results from the beginning.


Are you thinking about converting a traditional course into an online course on our platform? Great idea! Your students won’t have to travel, and you will save resources including classrooms, A/V equipment, etc.  Reach more with ridiculously low cost per student!!  Are you ready to create a course about a specific subject and not sure how to go about it?  We can help!.

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